Community Circles (CIRCOS)

What is this?

CirCos: Informal and guided discussions with the aim of exchanging ideas and forming allies on topics of common interest in panel or round table format. You can talk about whatever you want.

Organizers also get free tickets to RIIAA.

Important dates

August 14: deadline to submit proposals.

August 18: notification of accepted proposals.

August 28: from 17 to 19 h CDT, sessions in two blocks of parallel sessions of 1 hr each.

Have an idea?

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The RIIAA Community Circles (CirCos), inspired in Birds of Feather (BoF) seeks to build and strengthen the community in LATAM interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) topics through parallel, interactive, informal and self-organized sessions. CirCos provide a space for interested attendees to meet in small groups to exchange ideas and to form allies on issues of common interest. These topics may be directly or indirectly related to the topics covered in RIIAA. That is to say, you decide the session topic! We invite the community to submit proposals for the topics to be discussed at the CirCos. The process is very simple! The proposal includes a brief description (250 characters maximum), a list of possible panelists (maximum 5), and the name of a couple of organizers. This year, we accept the proposals of CirCos in the following tracks:


AI in Society


How can we create an AI laboratory in a rural community? How can industry, academia and government better collaborate to advance AI in LATAM?

What practices can institutions and organizations adopt to increase the participation of minority groups (women, indigenous groups, etc.) within the field?


Praxis and theory of AI


What tricks, best practices and / or processes do you use with the X software (X = PyTorch, Jax, TensorFlow, etc.)?

What do you think is the future of Y (Y = deep learning, transformers, reinforcement learning)?

How do you make your work reproducible in ML? Do you want to build a new collaborative dataset?


AI and other fields


How has field X changed (X = Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Geophysics, Public Health, etc.) due to progress in AI?

What innovative AI applications have emerged in your field of knowledge?

What are AI-based solutions that have been developed to combat COVID-19?

How does it work?

Each CirCo (session) lasts 1 hour and takes the form of a round table or panel. We recommend a panel for formal discussions and a round table for informal ones. In either case, the moderator determines the scope and general objectives of the discussion. Then, the speakers establishing the points to be discussed, and finally there is a Q&A with attendees. Overall, the session should aim to promote the exchange of ideas with the rest of the attendees, leaving most of the session time for this purpose. Interested in organizing a CirCo? Hopefully yes!

Deadline for submission: August 14, 2021.

The organizers of a CirCo and the exhibitors (maximum 5) will receive a free ticket to RIIAA.

Questions? Do you want some encouragement? Send an email to

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