About The Event

RIIAA brings together the Mexican and Latin American artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem. Emphasizing the interaction between actors based in Mexico and abroad, as well as the academic and industrial communities, in order to catalyze the development, adaptation and use of AI in the country.


25 – 28 of August 2020

Catalysing Artificial Intelligence in Latin America.

The 3th International Meeting on Artificial Intelligence and its Applications will take place online from August 25th through August 28th, 2020.

Looking to the future and recognizing an increasingly transformative role for AI, the RIIAA is organized by a group of Mexican students, academics, and professionals seeking to bring together existing communities and groups in the field. Originated from a meeting at the NeurIPS conference, this meeting aims to be an important complement to other conferences, emphasizing the interaction between groups based both in Mexico and abroad, as well as between the communities dedicated to research and practice.

Wide range of panels discussing AI

The conference had panels dedicated to a wide spectrum of topics, from the development of theory to relevant applications for civil society, the public sector and Mexican industry.

It also featured lectures and a summer school for university students. We had a diverse group of participants: on the one hand, academics and research groups from Mexican and foreign institutions; on the other, university students, government representatives and industry professionals.


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Confirmed Speakers Include

Conference Schedule

We are proud to have been joined by renowned speakers from all over the world
  • Day 1

    Aug 25, 2020 UTC-5

  • Day 2

    Aug 26, 2020 UTC-5

  • Day 4

    Aug 28, 2020 UTC-5

  • Felix Hill: "Language learning in embodied agents - why more is different"
    Grace Linsay: "Attention in neuroscience and machine learning"
    Ida Momennejad: "Predictive Cognitive Maps"
    Eva Dyer: "Comparing neural datasets across time, space, and behavior"
    Evgeny Burnaev: "AI for Neuroscience: new challenges and perspectives"

  • Gerardo Carrera: "Data Science meets the Home Appliance Industry: How we bring modern analysis to this industry"
    Fernanda Cobo: "AI as a tool to decrease health disparities: challenges and opportunities in LATAM"
    José Gonzalo Rangel: "AI + Analytics: the key to achieve customer-centricity in banking"